ShowHouse Santa Fe 2017

A community of established Santa Fe interior designers gathered in a unique design show house collaborative benefitting the non-profit organization Dollars4Schools based in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Santa Fe Interior Designers Co-Founders of this Interior Design Venue are Jennifer Ashton, Allied ASID and David Naylor of David Naylor Interiors. 

Edy Keeler

Core value interiors

Edy - 01.jpg

“Hi, I’m Bevin McPartlon, and I’m assisting Edy with her show house design. As the daughter of a roofer, I have spent a lot time on construction sites. Even though I’m very familiar with building, I’ve never seen the process of how the details come into place. This is where Edy comes in.

It is so clear that Edy loves what she does. She exudes energy at the site. When seeing a new facet of the room or a potential problem detail, her responses are enthusiastic and sweet. ‘So fun,’ or ‘how great is that?’ were responses to things such as large windows and doors that need redressing to fit our theme, or something else we’d really love to alter — yet, you could tell Edy saw past the current appearances and already envisioned what they would become with the right furnishings and accessories . . . “


The Master Bathroom

Edy Keeler - Showhouse visuals 01.jpg

The bath finishes in the house are already perfect— granite, fresh white fixtures, and chrome. Instead of spending time re-tiling and replacing plumbing, we’ll add styling that speaks to our 2017 theme, A Black and White Journey. So I’m in search of pizazz, comfort, and art -- modern luxury in a place to refresh, renew, pause, and primp. 

A bathroom with benefits!